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cricket and corona

We all want some cricket to resume. The higher authorities are doing everything they can to resume cricket as they are the ones who are really losing out from this pandemic. New rules are being devised just to resume cricket and the rules are very strange. These precautions are necessary but will it be theContinue reading “cricket and corona”

Things to learn

“Sports teaches you a lot”, “It makes you a better person”. I used to play cricket and when I think what has it taught me? I could not come up with a proper answer until recently. There are numerous things to take from any sport let alone cricket, and these are my learnings which IContinue reading “Things to learn”

Stats are for brats

This applies in every sport, but talking about cricket, what separates extra ordinary players from the ordinary players are the performances. Fair enough. But how do you pick out the greatest batsman and bowler ever from the list of the extraordinary players? Talking about different era’s, is 2010’s Virat Kohli/Steve Smith better than the 90’sContinue reading “Stats are for brats”

An unpopular opinion

Pakistan vs England, Lord’s test, August 2010. Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt agreed to some match fixing moments and performed them. It is said that “you need a brain to cheat”. A Pakistani bookmaker *Majeeb Mazhar* contacted the players and these players agreed to it. A news channel named “News of the world”Continue reading “An unpopular opinion”

Playing 11

Let me recommend some really good cricket podcasts on spotify: Yorked The lords cricket podcast The pitch side expert podcast Stumped The shackles are off Cricket unfiltered The professor and barney podcast Oval time No balls The cricket podcast 22 yarns with Gaurav Kapur These are more than enough podcasts for you to listen. MyContinue reading “Playing 11”

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